Electric bikes

Polygon Path-E

Path-E is the Polygon’s first pedal electric bicycle city bike supported with an electric pedal-assist system component starting to operate through rider’s pedalling power. With the help of the attached system, riders don’t need to pedal as hard as riding a conventional bike, but still doing a workout and enjoying the city scenery. 

Forme Cromford 2-Els

The Cromford 2 ELS is Forme’s twist on the classic hybrid. With its low step through frame, short travel suspension forks and 26” wheels it’s classic meets practical, becoming a versatile bike that gets you there with ease and comfort


Tern Vektron D8

The Vektron can fold in 10 seconds, and its 20in wheels mean riders can enjoy all the benefits of small wheels — compact size, low centre of gravity, quick acceleration, manoeuverable handling, and plenty of cargo space — with big wheel speed.


Tern Vektron D10

It fits easily on buses and trains for convenient commuting, and stores under your desk for handy theft protection. It also resizes in seconds so a single bike can be shared by all the family.


Forme Peak Trail 2E

Suitable for multi-purpose adventures with the stability of a mountain bike and the larger wheel/narrower tyre benefits of a road bike. A Bosch drive system and powerful battery is built into a frame capable of taking mud guards to keep you dry and pannier racks to help with luggage on longer adventures.



Forme Peak Trail 2Els

Exploring the stunning countryside or riding the distance to a quintessential little café can become a reality, regardless of your fitness level on this bike. It has a 25-62 mile range and a 15mph maximum speed. The recharge time for the Bosch battery is 3.5 hours.