Mountain bikes

Lapierre Edge 527

All Edge AM models feature the best branded componentry across the range. The 527 is designed with performance in mind, featuring a super wide range 1x10spd Shimano gear system, allowing you climb the steepest hills with ease.


Lapierre Edge 627

Uphill or downhill, this bike can handle it, plus it has been fitted with a telescopic seat post, featuring a handlebar control that allows you to adjust your saddle height throughout the ride without having to stop.


Lapierre Edge 727

Offering the ideal compromise in your pursuit of mountain biking, the 727 Rockshox suspension is well suited for enhancing the mountain biking sensations.


Lapierre Edge 827

The 827 comes equipped with “plus” size tires, which have numerous advantages: a better grip and comfort, in addition to greater stability and control over the bicycle.


Orbea MX 10

The Orbea MX bikes give you everything you need to tackle the trails. Grab your bike, and discover mountain biking.


Orbea MX 20

The Orbea MX bikes give your kids everything they need to tackle the trails. Grab your own bike, and ride alongside as they discover mountain biking.


Orbea MX 30

MX is loaded with features that help ensure longer life: sealed headset and BB bearings, a replaceable derailleur hanger, painted and assembled in the EU, all with the Orbea lifetime warranty.


Orbea MX 40

The Orbea MX is compatible with your riding style. The patented Digit quick-adjust seat post fits perfectly, and mounting points for racks make increasing carrying capacity a breeze.


Orbea MX 50

Orbea’s internal cable routing not only gives a cleaner appearance, it also takes advantage of full-length cable housing for great performance with lower maintenance.


Orbea MX 60

The AL6061 frame tubing of the MX is carefully shaped and manipulated to put strength where it’s needed without unnecessary weight.


Orbea Occam AM

Natural progression leads us to more aggressive trails. Riders want an Occam AM with more travel, larger tyres, extra stability and more opportunity for MyO Lite customisation.


Orbea Rallon

The Rallon is the difference between the tentative first go of the year and the ripping third lap of a midsummer day. It’s a boost of confidence, speed and control when a bit more of any could make a winning formula.


Transition Patrol

The Patrol has a pedigree that sets the bar for what a modern mountain bike should be. It doesn’t curve to one side too far, instead, it truly does everything extremely well. A true big mountain rig that can hang at bike parks and DH tracks and then settle into an epic long death march into the backcountry.


Transition Sentinel

When it comes to the old saying, riding is believing, it couldn’t be more true for the Sentinel. This bike will scramble your brain as to how capable it is, how rowdy it can get, yet how composed it is as an all-around trail bike. The Sentinel has amazed critics and earned the title of one of the most downhill attacking long travel 29ers available.