Road bikes

Polygon Blend RV

The Polygon Bend RV was designed with a taller head tube for greater comfort and a more upright riding position. This gravel bike features a lightweight ALX frame with specific off road geometry, extra tyre clearance and disc brakes.


Forme Longcliffe 0

The Longcliffe series is aimed at cyclists looking to add speed to their ride and open the door to road cycling whilst continuing to benefit from Forme’s comfort and versatility features. The hydroformed frame inherits a relaxed road geometry with a slightly shorter and more upright riding position, wider gear ratios and considered handlebar and saddle touch points.


Forme Longliffe 4C

The Longcliffe C series has been developed for the anatomic and ergonomic requirements of a shorter male and female rider with a reduced stack and reach measurement. Once the optimum size has been selected the rider can then choose a standard or slightly wider, more comfortable saddle often suited to women. 


Forme Flash 105

The Flash mission was to introduce a fast, comfortable and well-integrated workhorse, designed to test the traditional perception of a road bike with unrivalled balance and chameleon like ride characteristics across varied terrain and road conditions. 


Forme Flash Ultegra

The Flash provides stable acceleration and tracking with exceptional agility and comfort. Engineered using optimal modulus T800 and T700 carbon fibre to a size specific lay-up, with carefully pinpointed resin positioning and intelligent tube design to create a frame that can take a true British hammering! 


Forme Flash SL Ultegra D12

Tailor built using one of two frame grades and fitted with either caliper or disc brakes. Front and rear thru-axles provide improved stiffness, precise installation and improved safety whilst also eliminating the tedious grind of the brake discs.