Micro Scooters Sprite

A lightweight, foldable easy to manage and durable two wheeled scooter. The Micro Sprite steers like a bike allowing your child to master their scooter quickly.


Micro Scooters Maxi

Born from the recognition that children continue to seek the thrill of the scoot beyond the age of 5, this three-wheeled classic Mini Micro Scooter will last a child throughout their primary school years.


Micro Scooters Mini

The Deluxe version has an adjustable handlebar, while the anodised stem, anti-slip silicon footplate and superior rear brake all combine to make this the three-wheel scooter for every discerning pre-schooler.


MGP Extreme-X

The VX8 Extreme-X is the supercar of the scooter industry. It features 26inx26in grade 9 genuine titanium bars, clamp bolts, axles and brake hardware.


MGP Nitro

Featuring aluminium oversized bars, this lightweight scooter has clinch alloy fork, 120mm corrupt hollow cores with proprietary polyurethane blend and a new double anodized splatter deck finish on a wider 4.8in internally fluted deck.


MGP Team

The VX8 Team has been upgraded to 120mm fuse cores running on polyurethane blend, making them more durable and even faster. The deck is also wider at 4.8in and features a headtube cutout, downtube inserts and high-density PP deck blocks. 



The VX8 Pro scooter sets teh bar for quality and spec, with every aspect of the product tailored to meet the needs of the up and coming pro rider. 


MGP Shredder

The Shredder has been upgraded with TPR grips, a wider 4.5in deck featuring MGP signature headtube cutout and patented internal fluting as well as DBS deck blocks and downtube inserts.